• Episode 29: Recalculating

    Have you ever felt like your life got off track somewhere? Or like you might have missed a turn? Today’s episode is about your heart “recalculating” your route and allowing yourself to move forward without fear or doubt. You are right on track- and sometimes, the “wrong turn” turns out …

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    Episode 28: Resilience

    This week’s episode is all about resilience. The 1984 Marathon run by Gabriela Anderson-Schiess inspired this episode. We talk about how to take the same resilience and apply it to different areas of life. Listen here.

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    Theological to Motivational- Why I Shifted My Focus

    This wasn’t planned. It kind of just… happened. About 4 years ago I went through an awakening of sorts. To what I would call grace. You can read about that here. It changed my life in a profound way. I had been a deeply religious person with a lot of …


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